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The Fashion Chronicles: Mini Dress

White Mini Dress.

by Shop By Amy 

Mini dress gained popularity in the mid-1960s. The popularity was marked with changes in social dynamics and gender as ideological changes. A shift in female fashion often reflects a shift in the popular mind. However, some garments move on to becoming timeless pieces. A mini dress is one of them. After wide acceptance of mini dress in the 1960s, the perception of mini dress changed thereafter, and it became an article of versatile clothing suitable for both casual and formal settings.

white mini dress

On a similar note, a white dress symbolizes something specific and is often worn as a wedding dress in the modern western world. It represents a fresh start and the union of two people. According to color theory from popular psychology, white represents innocence, purity, and simplicity. However, depending on its presentation, the color white can be interpreted as sterile, wholeness, or mourning. Regardless, the notion of the white dress has been challenged multiple times and is often utilized to make a cultural statement. Nowadays, a white mini dress is visible as both high fashion and street fashion.

Madonna wore a white mini dress as a symbol of female sexuality while performing “Like a Virgin” at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards. At one time during the performance, she slipped and fell from her stiletto heels, but she turned it into an impromptu show, continuing the performance on the floor. She continued to shock the world with controversial fashion statements such as cone bras and cross necklaces. Appearing on a giant wedding cake, she turned a white mini dress reminiscent of a wedding dress into a fashion statement by pairing it with lace gloves, a “Boy Toy” belt, and a pair of a white pump.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, a 1992 film, wore a turtleneck white mini dress. Playing the main antagonist, Catherine exudes confidence and commands attention with her form fitting white mini dress. The dress was carefully chosen to embody the character’s personality and attitude. Later the image of the character in the white mini dress became an iconic scene of the movie.

White mini dresses continue to be loved by celebrities. It is often worn to make a statement on formal events as well as casual hangout with friends. Its bright color instantly draws attention and can be worn and various types of heels and accessories like a “blank slate.” A white mini dress has been often paired with glittering jewelry and white pump or sandal heels.

Amanda Holden, a TV star on Britain’s Got Talent, wore a white mini dress with gold leopard print for the show. The dress boasts chiffon off shoulder sleeves with a bandeau neckline. She paired this dress with a glittering see-through pump.

Kylie Jenner, an American reality TV star, wore a fur white mini dress and matching fur coat for a dinner with her friends in Hollywood. She chose white sandal heels and anklets. On her way to the restaurant, she wore a black mask as a covid prevention measure.

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