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The Fashion Chronicles: Maxi Dress

Plus Size Maxi Dresses

by Shop by Amy

It’s almost summer, and it’s time to go outside. Here are some tips and tricks to finding the perfect plus size fashion outfit.

Find clothing that fits you well. Don’t hide your beautiful body in a super baggy sized clothing like overall. Accentuate your curves, instead of hiding. It can be scary to show off your beautiful body, which is why many of us want to hide a little bit, but I promise you, super baggy clothes is not going to help. There is a place and time for it. Baggy clothes are great for around the house; it is comfortable to be in. But when stepping outside, style with something more fitted. Try a plus size maxi skirt that is cinched at the waist to accentuate your curve. Plus size maxi dresses are also great options because they not only lengthen your overall silhouette, they can show off your curve in the right place if you take the time to find the right one for you.

Plus size maxi dresses

Find the right fabric. Clothing that is flattering to your curve will do a lot more for your body. Look for fabric that’s stretchy. They’re comfy, beautify, and it just falls over your curve, which is what you want. You don’t want your clothes to be restrictive; you don’t want it to be restrictive. You’ll find that if your clothes don't stretch, you’ll end up going one or two sizes up, but if you find the right clothes with the right fabric, like jersey knit or ribbed knit, you will be comfortable and fabulous all day. Many plus-size maxi dresses are made of stretchy fabric that is comfortable to wear all day long.

Try on a bold color on your body. Throw on pink, yellow, green, blue, neon, every color. It’s going to look good on you. I know black is everyone’s favorite color, but trust me, you’re going to love it. It will do something to your confidence, and people will see it. Throw in a color every now and then if you’re not entirely comfortable. Start small, and slowly and gradually work your way up to a full dress or a complete outfit. A plus size maxi skirt with bright color is a good start. It’s relatively simple to find something that matches, for example a plain neutral color t-shirt. When you’re thinking about different pieces and different elements and put them together, think about different textures of fabric that might change the feel of the color. Start with basics. You’ve got this!

plus size maxi dress

Finally, dress to suit your body type. Stop wearing the wrong clothes for your body type. This is a bit controversial, and I totally believe we should wear whatever we feel comfortable. However, there is nothing wrong with the knowledge of what works for your body. You should know your body type because when you know your body type, then you know exactly what clothing fits and flatters you. However, there are a few clothes that actually look amazing on virtually all body types. Plus size maxi dresses are one of the few that flatters every body type. Because it’s made with one piece of fabric and because of its length, it lengthens and compliments every body type. If a maxi dress is too much, then try a plus size maxi skirt first, and see if you like it.

There are clothes that can flatter your body type and make you feel confident and amazing. Do not wait until you reach a certain goal weight because, bottom line is, it doesn't matter what your body shape or look is or your body size is to live your life and feel beautiful.