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The Fashion Chronicles: Jumpsuit vs. Romper

Jumpsuit or Romper

by Shop By Amy


What’s one article of clothing that people should have in their closet? For Spring/Summer 2021, try something new, and put on a jumpsuit or a romper. Everyone has at least one t-shirt, pants, a dress, and pajamas, but not a lot of women tried out rompers or jumpsuits. The word jumpsuits and rompers are often used interchangeably, and they surely look very similar to each other. However, they’re two different garments with distinct histories behind them.



Jumpsuits were originally worn for specific occupations. As an example, this one-piece suit served to protect the wearer during hazardous activities. It was practically a synonym for uniform for many aviators, astronauts, skydivers, motorcycle racers, and many others. Yet, as demand for female workers increased during the Second World War, more and more women began to wear the overall suits that were initially designed as workwear for men. These jumpsuits for women were re-designed to fit a typical female body better. Then, with the appearance of jumpsuits for women on Vogue Magazine in 1964, jumpsuit officially made its debut as high-fashion garments.

On the other hand, rompers originate from children’s clothing. They were a popular choice of clothing as playwear as early as the 19th Century Victorian Era. Rompers were easy to move around and easy for the mother to put on. However, they were slowly adopted as women’s garments during the 1950s, with its popularity growing in the 2000s. Eventually, variations of the romper for men were introduced in the 2010s, although it did not get the same level of traction as it did for women’s wear.

Both romper and jumpsuit for women are similar in style: they are one-piece garments with legs, with the critical difference being the length of the legs: jumpsuits are constructed with full-length trousers, covering the whole legs, whereas rompers are constructed with mid-thigh length shorts. Because of the difference in the leg length and history, jumpsuits for women tend to be high-fashion, whereas rompers are more casual. Regardless, how you style the romper and jumpsuit ultimately decides the final look of the outfit.


For a casual look, try wearing a large brimmed hat with flats, gladiator sandals, or wedges with your romper or jumpsuit. This makes a perfect look for an outdoor music festival or picnic with your friends. You can pair it with a denim jacket or a long-sleeve cardigan in case it gets chilly. For a unique look, try wearing a fitted t-shirt underneath it.

For a classy look, try wearing a pair of heels with your romper or jumpsuit. The one-piece garment already creates a long and lean illusion, and wearing heels with your romper will add to the length and instantly slim the overall look. This would be a perfect look for brunch or a night out with your girlfriends. Match the look with a blazer and a pair of sunglasses for the ultimate city chic look.

So go ahead and give a try of one of the rompers or jumpsuits this season. Check out the romper and jumpsuit section from us!