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The Fashion Chronicles: Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dress and Plus size Bodycon dresses

by Shop By Amy

What’s a great outfit for a night out, party, and formal social event? A nice bodycon dress. I know as a curvy woman, we feel self-conscious about wearing a plus-size bodycon dress. But I’m telling you, there is no need for that. Everyone can wear it. So, step outside your comfort zone, and I’ll give you some tips and tricks to make any bodycon dress look gorgeous on you. You’ll love the way it hugs your curves. 

bodycon dress

Shapewear is going to be your best friend. I know some of you ladies don’t like shapewear. Believe me, I wouldn't say I liked shapewear, but when you’re wearing a plus-size bodycon dress, everyone needs to wear shapewear because shapewear can really make a difference. It's going to smooth things out and just give the finishing touches, like whip cream and cherry on a banana sundae. Sometimes, I wear two shapewear to give that extra support, create a smooth foundation, and accentuate the curve that I already have. Just like when we put on makeup, you want to create that nice foundation with moisturizer, primer, the skincare routine---that’s the foundation for a bodycon dress. With bodycon dress, you can dress them up or dress them down. And if you get snatched with the help of a shaper, there is no excuse for you to not to wear a bodycon dress. 

Put on the right undergarment. It means putting on the right bra, seamless panties so that when you put on that bodycon dress that’s hugging you tightly, you want something that will smooth out your look throughout the day. Straps from a regular bra can create a bulge in the back, so look for a back-smoothing bra with thicker straps. Same deal with panties. Look for seamless panties to create that smooth silhouette in the back.   

Wear high heels. A nice pair of heels is basically a complement to your outfit. I know there are tom girls out there who love wearing a bodycon dress with sneakers, and that’s fine. But I think in order to get the best out of your plus-size bodycon dress; you want to slap on some heels. Slap on some heels. You’ll notice your posture is better and your curves are accentuated. And I’m telling you, all that together with a shapewear to seamless panties, it’s going to be gorgeous. 

plus size bodycon dresses

Make sure you have some baby powder. Just slap some between your thighs. You know, chafing can hurt plus-size ladies who have bigger thighs, and it can cause discoloration. Don’t use lotion between your thighs because all this is gonna do is make your inner thigh sweat, and it’s gonna be uncomfortable. Use baby powder because it’s dry, so when you’re walking, it’s not going to accumulate so much moisture. 

But the biggest tip is to ignore any negative comments from haters and live your life the way you want to live it. Love yourself better than anyone else can because you owe it yourself your entire life. There is no point in not loving who you are. You know if you want to make any changes to yourself, it’s your choice, it’s your decision.