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White Jumpsuit Black Jumpsuit

by SHOP BY AMY on August 23, 2021


The Fashion Chronicles: White and Black Jumpsuit

White Jumpsuit and Black Jumpsuit

by Shop by Amy

Jumpsuits for women are at once both a chic and comfortable choice. They are an easy-to-wear one-piece style, as easy a choice as a dress but also something a bit different. Both ‘jumpsuits’ and their shorter cousins ‘rompers’ make great foundations for outfits for almost any occasion. In both cases, these all-in-one, one-piece garments are made up of a shirt or blouse on top. This is combined with, attached to more specifically, either pants - in the case of jumpsuits - or shorts - in rompers.


Along with the athleisure trend, jumpsuits have been making a comeback these days for their comfort, ease, and versatility.


White Jumpsuit


Maybe you remember the Prettygarden black jumpsuit that went viral in 2020 by flight attendants who loved to include this casual and versatile option in their bags? It was well-loved for its easy wrinkle-resistant construction that was both comfy because of its stretchy material but was also elegant with a tapered leg and versatile neckline that could be worn either off one shoulder or centered as a boatneck.


More recently, there are the popular Alex Mill jumpsuits for women that have been seen everywhere from A-listers to streetwear. They feature a more utilitarian and durable look with large pockets and a monochrome palette. It’s a great example of how a solid-colored jumpsuit like their black jumpsuit option can be the perfect canvas for styling a range of outfits based entirely on the shoes and accessories that you pair it with.


When to wear a jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits are also much more than a comfy and easy choice for a stylish outfit. As you browse the jumpsuits for women currently available at Style By Amy, you can see some of this broader range of styles. A jumpsuit can suit pretty much any personal style and occasion, from a casual afternoon outfit to a put-together professional look to formal choices for weddings and other special events.


Wedding jumpsuits have been gaining traction over the years as the outfit of choice for brides-to-be looking for a chic alternative to the classic white gown. In addition to those who have found the perfect bridal white jumpsuit for their wedding ceremony, a jumpsuit can be a great option for other events leading up to the wedding day or as a second outfit for the reception or after-party. A jumpsuit comes with the added benefit that it’s easy to wear again for future formal events.


Black Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.