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Wedding Guest Dresses

by SHOP BY AMY on January 11, 2022

Styling Winter Wedding Guest Dresses.

Have a winter wedding penciled into your diary? Whether your invitation recently landed in your mailbox or you’ve had it hanging on your refrigerator for a while now, and no matter how long you have until the event, we’re here to help you prep so there’ll be no scrambling for winter wedding guest dresses in your future.

The Spring and Summer social calendar can sometimes get even stereotypically busy with weddings. So, that’s something many of us are familiar with, and comfortable shopping wedding guest dresses for. But Winter weddings have been increasing in popularity in recent years – even more so these days as couples have unfortunately had to stay on their toes and reschedule their nuptials.


Wedding Guest Dresses

What works for winter wedding guest dresses?

With an invitation in hand, you may be wondering what to wear to a winter wedding. Like any other season, the proper attire will depend on the sort of event planned, the location, and the time of day.

A winter wedding is a great chance to opt for longer lengths (hemlines, sleeves, or both), rich jewel tones, and luxurious heavy fabrics (like velvet or charmeuse that may have you sweltering at the thought in the summer).

You may need to think more about layering or how to accessorize your outfit to keep warm – stoles, scarves, coats. Consider if the ceremony and or reception will be outside or if both parts will occur inside but you’ll need to walk between buildings.

Is a warm-weather destination wedding planned to escape the snow? Consider wedding guest dresses in lightweight and flowing fabrics and bright colors you might associate with spring and summer.

Remember to refer back to your invitation about any dress code information. Black tie is a popular choice for winter weddings and that will mean tuxedoes and tea-length (mid calf) or longer dresses.

What colors are good for winter wedding guest dresses?

In addition to looking at winter wedding guest dresses in cuts that are flattering to your figure and an expression of your personal style, for a winter wedding, don’t forget to consider cooler, darker, or more muted tones than you might otherwise. Winter wedding guest dresses in jewel tones like forest green, burgundy, plum, and navy can work great as elegant and universally flattering options.


Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Can I wear pants to a winter wedding?

One of the more winter-specific things you might have to think about is factoring in cold-weather. There is no reason winter wedding guests, or guests in other seasons for that matter, have to be restricted to dresses. Jumpsuits, pantsuits, and the like can always be a stylish choice for wedding guests – whether flowing jumpsuits that aren’t dissimilar to full-length gowns or crisp pantsuits. When temperatures plunge, consider opting for a trousered option.

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