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Tweed Mini Skirt

by SHOP BY AMY on January 25, 2022

The Fashion Chronicles: Tweed Mini Skirt

Styling Tweed Mini Skirt and Tweed Blazer Set.

by Shop By Amy

Tweed is a classic stylish and classy style choice. The texture and added bulk of tweed make it an excellent choice during the colder months. Although depending on the weight of the tweed and the style of the piece you choose, no need to forego tweed when temperatures rise.

tweed mini skirt

A tweed blazer set is the ultimate in power dressing.

The structure and polish of tweed blazer sets and suits make them an excellent choice for dressier work occasions without looking overly formal. Depending on your style, this can be as simple as pairing your tweed blazer set with a pair of heels or loafers. Or you might choose to incorporate accessories like silk blouses or scarves and jewelry pieces.

The Chic Lurex Tweed Skirt Set combines a belted double-breasted blazer with a matching tweed mini skirt. The warm golden tones of the lurex tweed in this tweed blazer set are perfectly complemented by gold-tone buttons along the front of both the blazer and mini skirt.

The Pearl Detail Tweed Skirt Set is an elegant example of the tweed suit set in all white. Embroidered lace and pearl trim decorate a crisp and structured belted jacket that zips up the front. The white tweed mini skirt includes matching pearl trim and a rounded side slit.

For a less formal take on the tweed blazer set, the Bronze And Black Tweed Shorts Set is a sexy option that pairs a tie-front blazer with mini shorts in black and bronze tones. The blazer closes with a single button and self-tie bow and features black trim along the hems, lapels, and at the waist.

Tweed Blazer Set

A tweed romper can be a fun twist and alternative to a tweed mini skirt or dress.

Rompers make for great and easy-to-wear outfits that are a fantastic way to show off your pins without feeling overexposed. Although these one-pieces may have originated as utility wear for children, there’s no doubt these days that they are a fun outfit in one. When made with tweed, the romper easily rises to the challenges of pulling off a sophisticated and stylish look in a fun way without any of the pretentiousness associated with a tweed suit or blazer set.

Consider the Colette Tweed Romper in black tweed the twist on the little black dress missing from your wardrobe. This long sleeve romper is made from an elegant black tweed with gold flecks. It features double pocket details on both the upper and lower body. These are decorated with chunky chain openings and gold buttons, which complement both the gold buttons lining the front and the gold fleck accents of the fabric.

The Mary Anne Pearly Tweed Romper is a fun and playful piece that pairs pastel tweed with contrast denim detailing and features pearl bead trimming accents. There is plenty of structure with its double pocket details on the upper and lower body, decorative button-down placket, and denim sharp, pointed collar and detachable belt.

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