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Midi Dress

by SHOP BY AMY on July 12, 2021

The Fashion Chronicles: The Midi Dress

How to Wear a Midi Dress - Some Tips

By Shop By Amy

Warmer weather really is the perfect chance to slip into a dress to look put together but comfortable as the temperatures creep up. The warmer weather may have you thinking about bringing up the hemline but don’t forget about midi dresses, which offer a versatile option that will allow you to express your personal style while also looking very chic.

white midi dress

Depending on the cut and style, a midi dress paired with a denim jacket can offer a more casual look at the same time as protecting you against the sometimes drastic temperature changes in the summer evenings or along the coast. A blazer over the shoulders can create a chic look for either work or evening. A solid-toned midi dress, like a white midi dress or a black midi dress, can provide a stylish option that will let your accessories take the spotlight of your outfit.

black midi dress

Here are some easy styling tips when shopping for or styling a midi dress, even if you didn’t previously really see yourself as the midi-type. They can even help provide some inspiration since there is such a variety of ways to style a midi dress.


  1. If you’re worried about a midi dress overwhelming your frame, keep a lookout for dresses in a lighter fabric. A layered dress or a dress in a more sheer or mesh-like fabric can help your style look light, more easy-breezy, and less weighed down. There are a lot of great summery white fabrics out there. So, a lightweight white midi dress can be an excellent option for this.
  2. With longer styles like midi dresses, consider a dress in one color or one that carries a single pattern from top to bottom. A solid white midi dress or black midi dress can be a great option to keep things simple and elegant. A midi dress in a fun color can do the same while adding a pop to your outfit. If you do want a midi dress with a patterned look, consider one that has a single pattern rather than trying to color block.
  3. If you want to ensure a bit more structure to your outfit, consider cinching the waist with a belt to give your waist and silhouette a bit more definition. Keep an eye out for a midi dress that will look flattering with a belt - the Amber Belted Pleated Midi Dress is a great option to combine this suggestion with the previous tip on one-tone color dresses. Pleats or tiers in the skirt can be a nice way to add some interest here and complement the cinched waist. Dresses like these can also work well for formal events or dinners to keep midi dresses from looking like sheets.
  4. Midi dress comes in so many different shapes and lengths, so it really is a matter of finding one that will flatter your body in all the best ways. When shopping for a midi dress, look for a length that falls slightly above or below mid-calf on you. The aim here is to avoid a hem that will hit right at the thickest part of your leg. Or, if the skirt of the dress is made of two contrasting layers, a slightly longer top layer can be a nice way to help distribute the fabric and create the illusion of a longer dress in a way that can flatter even shorter frames.
  5. If you are concerned that a midi dress might look a bit heavy or clunky, consider counteracting that with a strappy high heel to give height while elongating the look of your legs elegantly.