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Fancy Homecoming Dresses

by SHOP BY AMY on March 07, 2022

The Fashion Chronicles: Party Dresses and Fancy Homecoming Dresses

Choosing the right party dresses.

by Shop By Amy


Are you looking for the perfect party dresses to wear for your school dances? School can be stressful, but formals are a chance to let off some steam, have some fun, and hang out with your friends. The same is true for the lead-up to the event.


Shopping for a new dress doesn’t have to be an aggravating process. Instead, have fun with the process of choosing and putting together your look. That’s part of the fun of these events, after all.


With an online shop like, it’s easy to browse our full range of dresses on offer, including fancy homecoming, winter formal, and prom dresses. Keep in mind your personal vibe and remember to take into account any themes set by the dance committee and your school’s regulations, and you’ll be sure to find inspired party dresses to level up your look.

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What party dresses work best for fancy homecoming dresses?

Formals are a fun chance to get dressed up and pick out a fancy dress for the occasion. There’s usually two opportunities to dress up during the school year: Homecoming in the Autumn and Prom in the Spring can bookend the academic year. Some schools also add a Winter Formal to the calendar.


Fancy homecoming dresses can be long or short. There aren’t really any hard and fast rules. Longer styles are generally more formal, but it’s better to think about what dress shapes will flatter your figure and make you feel the most confident. Some choices to consider:

  • A flared skirt with an a-line silhouette can be a universally flattering shape and is popular for party dresses.
  • A peplum dress has a ruffle at the waist that can help to balance the waist against the shoulders and hips.
  • A form-fitting and body-hugging dress can show off and flatter curves or an hourglass figure.


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How can I choose between my options for fancy homecoming dresses?

Has the organizing committee set a theme for the homecoming dance? Are there any significant traditions around homecoming at your school? If it’s going to be your first homecoming, don’t feel shy about asking around to get a feel of what to expect.


Whether you’re going with a date or with friends, you may want to consider what your date or the others in your friend group are wearing - whether to coordinate or if you want to be sure to stand out.


Since the Homecoming Dance is a school event, you’ll have to consider any dress code rules imposed by your school – whether that’s about dress length, neckline styles, or shoulder straps. But thankfully, there are so many options for fancy homecoming dresses. So it won’t be too hard to find the perfect dress for you that will also work for the chaperones and won’t get you sent home.


Visit today to shop our stylish party dresses. With a wide range of fancy homecoming, winter formal, or prom dresses on offer, there are beautiful options to choose from that will fit any style and occasion. So get inspired and put together your dream outfit ready for your upcoming formal!