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The Fashion Chronicles: The Midi Dress

Midi Dress Styles. Floral Midi Dress, Long Sleeve Midi Dress, and Bodycon Midi Dress

by Shop By Amy


Dresses can be some of the most accessible and most convenient pieces in your closet - simple, classic, and always beautiful. Whether you’re looking for the perfect dress for an upcoming special occasion or something to add to your wardrobe on a more regular basis, there is a midi dress for almost any occasion. These mid-length creations will fall somewhere between your knees and ankles and come in a range of styles. They are a fashion favorite and an easy way to add a bit of effortless chic. It’s just a matter of finding the one to best suit you and the occasion.

Midi Dresses Come in a Range of Styles

Midi dresses are very versatile, and their medium length makes them a perfect option for any time of year. It can also give your outfit an element of easy elegance. They can be suitable for both work and play, as well as great for transitions between the two.


floral midi dress

Flowing Midi Dresses: With a generous amount of fabric, this style of midi dress can be a great option for a lighter, carefree spring outfit or a flowy, breezy summer look. A long sleeve midi dress in this silhouette, especially one in a solid color, can give a touch of minimalist chic, while a floral midi dress in this shape is a perfect way to add some color into an outfit. And depending on the fabric, a floral midi dress in a flowing form can either lend your look a touch of casual dressiness or a more elegant look for dressier occasions. For those who may be concerned that these more flowing styles can overwhelm their frame, or look a little too comfy and tent-like for a more formal occasion, paired with a belt you can easily cinch the waist and break up the line of the dress to suit the occasion.


A-Line Midi Dresses: A-Line dresses are today a timeless classic - harkening back to Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent’s spring collections from the 1950s - and represent some of the most versatile and well-loved dress silhouettes. A midi dress in an a-line shape is fitted from shoulders to the waist before widening at the hem. This will give more definition at the waist than more flowing options, making them an easy choice as a centerpiece to an outfit. The Paisley Crochet Midi Dress is an elegant example of a long sleeve midi dress perfect for summer. Its balance of white crochet material against long bishop sleeves and a high neck. Equally, a floral midi dress in this shape will always be a great spring or summer option. Dressier fabrics can make a floral midi dress in this silhouette a beautiful garden party option. In a more casual material, it can make an excellent day dress.


long sleeve midi dress

Bodycon Midi Dresses: A perfectly fitting bodycon midi dress will always be a chic option for a formal event or a night out. Their slinky and curve-hugging silhouette can help you accentuate your figure in a very flattering way. With the longer length of a bodycon midi dress, you can also choose how to balance how and where you want to be revealing, like a fitted bodycon shape with a long sleeve midi dress. Especially after a year plus of cozy and slouchy casual dressing, it’s not difficult to get the appeal of stepping out these days in a fitted bodycon midi dress, looking perfectly put together. Bodycon midi dresses come in a range of different styles and with embellishments such as ruching, cutouts, prints, slits, or ruffles to add a bit of interest.


bodycon midi dress

T-Shirt Midi Dresses: If the bodycon midi dress is the staple of dressy nights out, a t-shirt midi dress is it’s more casual cousin - a wonderfully carefree option for spring and summer dressing with its comfortable fabrics and slight stretch and slouch. The casual and laid-back vibe of t-shirt midi dresses is perfect for weekend and vacation dressing.